Why Self Care Habits?

Why are self care habits important? Our modern world seems to be changing at an ever dizzying pace. Self care allows us to stay centered and discerning on what we need to do to keep moving towards what matters most to us. Self care is about doing what we need to do to navigate our lives in one piece, mind, body and heart and not get burnt out.


If your short on time and want ideas on what kinds of activities you can begin adding to your day and how they would benefit you, click on any of the posts below.


15 Things Self Care Has Helped Me Appreciate About My Body
My body has instinctual wisdom that sizes up much faster and more comprehensively, any situation I'm presented with, in comparison
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We Cannot Understand Our Way Into Transformation
If you want to make a change in your life remember that in the same way a string of actions
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30 Reasons Why We Need to Experience Silence Regularly
Although uncomfortable, when we take the time to experience silence a little every day, that same uncomfortability is in effect
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5 Ways Fasting Resets Our Lives
What in the past I determinedly approached as a wrestling match with my own physical and mental urges, I now
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20 Reasons Why Making Art Is A Powerful Form of Self Care for Parents
I’ve spoken to parents who have deemed themselves as simply “not creative enough” to explore art. It’s something only their
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How Good Morning Routines Obliterate Your Drama Triggers
You swear that aside from those situations with THOSE people, you're actually a nice person, you're actually not that crazy...
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What Is a Power Routine?
...when done consistently over a period of time, generates a power within you that will send you over a tipping
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How a Morning Self Care Routine Heals People Pleasing
Do you overextend yourself to be "nice" to the people in your life? Has it come to the point yet
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My Power Routine Journey
Every morning when I complete the selectively chosen morning activities, I find myself at the peak of my focus, clarity,
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