Guest Blog for Elephant Journal

Like a car crash in full momentum that couldn’t be stopped, they crossed my path and although something in me would scream “Danger!” my mind and body would go into self-sabotage autopilot. Before I knew it I was opening my mouth saying “Of course I can do that favor for you! (one of many that will overextend me and disrupt my biggest priorities), lend you that money (that you’ll never pay back), give you my number (that you will treat intrusively), write that paper for you (that you’ll take full credit for,)” etc. … More Guest Blog for Elephant Journal

How a Morning Self Care Routine Heals People Pleasing

Do you overextend yourself to be “nice” to the people in your life? Has it come to the point yet where your exhausted from it and your life is more chaotic then you’d like because of it?

I’ve learned that investing in your own happiness regularly with activities that ignite, nourish and center you actively heals the unbalanced need to have others like you. It’s as if your inner happiness quota increases to the point where you have filled your own cup, with your own approval and the need/reflex to be approved by others naturally falls away. … More How a Morning Self Care Routine Heals People Pleasing