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A lover of words with an urgency to follow a heart impulse that’s been haunting me for years to get my story out there.  I’m mom to a beautiful and energetic little boy and am supported by a wonderful husband.

My journey in the past 20 years has been full of  deep habit transformation. My ever evolving morning routine, I call my Power Routine, has been the key reason. Here I share what I have learned from this critical and till now private part of my life. The need to share this has been increasingly eating me up at the thought that I’m keeping something to myself that may help others. May something I share here be of use to you.

Things that light me up : My bare feet on soft grass, cuddling with loved ones, when insights come to me, listening to others talk about their passion, MC Yogi’s song “Dancing In The Sun” , “Sunlight,  Brian Crain’s Reflecting Pool, the smell of rose, learning about neuroplasticity.



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