Life is so busy, we’re pulled in a  million directions. We know we need to put our self care higher on our to do list, but where to start?

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Did you know that a solid beginning is in making use of  fringe time?

Setting up a self care jar in your physical space with TLC  ideas ready to go, helps you make the best use of those few spare minutes when they arrive. The self care jar is a great first step in beginning to practice self care regularly.





When you have those precious few minutes available , do you fumble around looking for your favorite TLC supplies?Checklist button

Don’t let even  one minute be wasted and have ready your own stash of self love supplies in advance.  Have no idea what that stash would look like? Take my ideas with this printout.




For many of us, not doing things first thing in the morning ensures they simply won’t happen. Morning time is a golden opportunity  we’re given every day as a space of uninterrupted time.

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We can give ourselves the feast of beauty and solitude that is found only in the morning when we make certain foundational shifts in our schedule the day before. To begin to wake up earlier, print out my For Morning Habits to Stick handout that shares with you what  5 critical activities to replace before you even set your alarm.