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The Rewards

Let’s face it, good feelings are the sole motivator behind what we do. We may work at a job we don’t necessarily like, but do so because money in the bank feels good, we invest in  the effort of regular exercise because it feels good to fit in clothes we like and to have energy.


From the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, to the types of events we engage in, absolutely everything that moves us in a certain direction, does so because of the promise to feel good.


To maintain a lifestyle of self care, regular feeling good about yourself and celebrating how far you’ve come is essential.


Here are 13 reasons to celebrate having established habits of self care:

  1. You have more knowledge about what you want,  what your limits are and what works for you in various areas of your life because you’ve spent enough time with yourself
  2. Navigating life in a way that is solely based on responding to whatever happens to us is a thing of the past.
  3. Your days are more targeted and productive not because of a specific strategy but because of a growing clarity at your very core about what’s important to you and what your willing to change to uphold and nurture that.
  4. You experience more serenity in how you start your day and so the sense of equilibrium, calm and clarity spills into the rest of your day.
  5. You have enough energy to think about and plan for your future since your not just barely surviving every day on empty
  6. You’re more pleasant to be around and attract people into your life that are as intentional, authentic and as happy as you
  7. You sleep better because you have organized your life around protecting the conditions that create it
  8. You feel more at peace with yourself because you’re consistently putting attention on the things you hold most dear
  9. You enjoy your own company
  10. You have more to give;love, time, attention, creativity, clarity and encouragement because you have regularly given that to yourself…your cup runneth over
  11. You’re example of authentic fulfillment unintentionally motivates those around you to invest in their own self care
  12. You feel a growing sense of rock solid confidence and faith in yourself that little can shake from the consistent nourishment you’ve given yourself that runs deep
  13. After experiencing how your life changes for the better from having had changed your habits, you become naturally passionate about continuing to edit your life for deeper, bigger fulfillment.