Why Fasting Can Be a Form Of Deep Self Care

The thoughts that arise are simpler and to the point in terms of handling whats in front of me. The best part in which I bask and relish the most, are the in-between moments that are noticeably silent. These moments which include waiting for my gas tank to fill at the station, watching the loading icon turn as I wait for my computer to startup or waiting my turn in a grocery line, are all clusters of moments in my day where my head usually churns with excess chatter. Yet during a fast, those same moments are still and undeniably restoring. … More Why Fasting Can Be a Form Of Deep Self Care

5 Ways Fasting Resets Our Lives

What in the past I determinedly approached as a wrestling match with my own physical and mental urges, I now turn to as a welcomed and familiar repose from my life in the midst of my life….At a time when I feel like I have to stretch and dig deeper into my reserves for resourcefulness, wisdom and strength, fasting has undeniably provided that for me over the years with increasing intensity. … More 5 Ways Fasting Resets Our Lives