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Creating a routine of self care every morning has acted as an anchor of respite, insight, strength, play and new ideas.  In a world that only changes at an increasing speed having this sacred solitude is the gift that keeps on giving.

I’ve learned a tremendous amount over the last 2 decades in maintaining my morning self care routine through all kinds of change including moving 6 times, international travel, becoming a mom and then a working mom. This blog is my way to share the tools I’ve learned with those who may be struggling in creating self care morning habits

Things that light me up : My bare feet on soft grass, cuddling with loved ones, when insights come to me, listening to others talk about their passion, MC Yogi’s song “Dancing In The Sun” , “Sunlight,  Brian Crain’s Reflecting Pool, the smell of rose, learning about neuroplasticity and brain development.



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