10 Questions To Help You Re-Commit To Your Self Care Goals

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It’s officially the middle of the year, are you at a  place with your self care goals that will have your 2018-New Years-self, thanking you? 


Have you been able to take action on the intention you created in the beginning of the year of making your self care a higher priority?


Consider June a special opportunity to revisit those intentions you made with so much promise, conviction and hope. Do you remember the feeling you had behind wanting to change your life?


Can you remember the picture you held in your mind of a saner, healthier and happier you when you were dreaming up the changes you wanted to make?


Six months later, can you say you have taken baby steps towards that picture or

have you veered away from that picture and need a little course correction?


Heed The Signs Your Life Is Giving You

If you are like most people that make the choice to prioritize self care, it’s because you received some warning signs from your life that something had to change.  You may have been given a small glimpse of what is ahead if you continue to ignore your self care. I invite you to take this post as a reminder to pause and look back at who you were in December 2017 and what sparked your desire to change.


Prevent New Year Disappointment

Reflection is not only for the end of the year when the new year is upon us and all is said and done. You can use this mid-year point to take a pause, reflect on that picture of the future self you had in mind and course correct. Your future-December 2018-self will thank you for the greater clarity, insight and progress made because you took action to remove the distractions and maintain your focus . Love yourself enough to not reach December 2018 feeling as if the year just passed you by in a blur of busyness.


Change Is One Small Choice Away

Remember, your life as it is right now, took many countless small choices over the course of years to be that way. The culmination of a few core daily decisions, repeated many times brought you to this moment. Changing how you repeatedly spend your time is just a small choice away. In 6 months time, having made some small tweak in your day, will culminate into big change come December.


10 Questions in 5 Minutes

Here’s a chance to set aside 5 minutes for your self care today that could pivot the course of the next few months! Don’t think too much about the answers, just go with what comes up for you in the first 2-3 seconds. Take out some pen and paper because when what we think, stares back at us on paper, it always changes how we relate to ourselves for the better. Without further ado, here are 10 questions to help you take stock of your self care goals for the year!


1.What first motivated you to consider better self care?


2.Has that motivator changed? If so, how?


3.In what ways were you able to stay focused and continue your efforts?


4.What distracted you?


5.What actions could you take to help you stay focused?  Could you:

Celebrate your wins more?

Have an accountability buddy?

Dedicate a journal to track your efforts?


6.What didn’t work?


7.Considering what didn’t work, what do you need to change?


8.What could you do to feed your conviction on a daily basis?


9.What could you do to remind yourself of why making the change is

important to you?


10.What small step could be taken to course correct today?


If you want to go more in depth into your check in, here are some free worksheets to guide a simple life audit

Annual Review Bundle

What came up for you in answering the questions? Were your surprised by the answers?


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Sending you love, a reminder to take care of yourself and a big thank you for stopping by!


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