Why This Self Care Idea Will Clear The Constant Mind Chatter

4_27_18 post

Is spring in full flight in your part of the world?


Is the air fragrant with the blossoming of life everywhere you go?


Are you  at all heeding the instinctual call to lighten things up in every way after a long dreary winter?


In the spirit of the spring cleaning season I’ve shared about the power of decluttering our living space here and  our body through fasting here.


Today I’m sharing an effective practice that specifically clears the burden of mental clutter.


Holding Our Own When Challenged

Regardless of our own preferences, life brings us challenges that  stir up our inner storm whether we’re ready or not. Having a regular practice that helps us  clear the superfluous thoughts, can make the difference between tipping over into overwhelm and depression or staying grounded in  well being and clarity.


Without a self care practice that helps us clear our mind regularly,  worried, frustrated and chaotic thoughts can build up from within and weigh us down creating an emotional cancer of sorts.


This is where the power of a writing exercise called morning pages comes in.


This exercise was created by Julia Cameron in her famous book The Artist’s Way. Some circles call it brain dumps but the idea is to write 3 pages first thing in the morning with actual pen and paper.


Can’t Do A Sitting Meditation? This Is Just As Good

For those of you who might see the practice of a sitting meditation more than your chatty minds can handle, morning pages is perfect because it’s an active form of meditation that clears the brain clutter and leaves us feeling lighter and clearer EVERY SINGLE TIME.


How To Do It

You write 3 pages of absolutely anything that’s on your mind. You do not worry about punctuation, grammar, you just write as much as you can without stopping or censoring until you reach 3 pages. This last part about censoring is crucial.


Relief Means Letting Down Your Guard

It’s imperative that you make it absolutely clear with yourself that whatever you write will be for your eyes only. Allowing yourself to freely express onto the page whatever comes up is where all the magic lies  and it can only happen when our guard is down. It’s only when we let go of the roles and titles we wear in our daily life that we can then, feel safe enough to be heart achingly honest about what’s really happening inside us.


What I know from having kept up this practice for 3 years  before I became a mom is that to the degree that we’re honest  is to the degree that we’ll feel lighter and clear.


Give Yourself Permission To Be Real

Once we  give ourselves the permission to be real with ourselves, the pen takes us for a ride and we may be surprised at what comes out and most importantly, relieved. When we find words to feelings we couldn’t name before or vent about the frustrations we could not confide in anyone about, there is a palpable relief in having gotten it out of us and on to the paper.


Writing on paper doesn’t offend, hurt, expose, confront or betray anyone. It bears no consequences other than that of being more intimately honest with ourselves


Shadows Come To Light

In having released our inner chaos onto the pages, we gift ourselves with the ability to see the burden of that chaos  with new eyes. Many times big worries, fears of frustrations feel bigger than they actually are and seeing them on paper helps us relate to them in a more right-sized manner. We literally give our insides a voice and gain an objective distance from them.


Honesty Brings Empowerment

It’s refreshing to say the truths we were too scared to say out loud, on paper. There is an alchemy that happens in that process and what may have been laying heavy in our hearts is seen for what it is and no longer holds the same power over us.  In allowing the bare bones truth of what we really think and feel to see the light of day, we become empowered with a crisp clarity about what we deeply value and what next steps we can take to honor that.


Proven Tool To Gain Clarity

Although this writing exercise is not something I practice every day because within my limited morning time I have prioritized my meditation and chanting practice over it, it is a tool I return to time and time again when I have something specific  weighing on me that  I want clarity on and can’t seem to shake off. I don’t necessarily always do it in the morning yet the effects are no less potent.


If you want to spring clean a cluttered mind, see your life with fresh eyes, shrink an overwhelming problem and cultivate a stronger self awareness I can’t say enough about morning pages.


What will you do to declutter your mind today?


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Sending you love, a reminder to take care of yourself and a big thank you for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Why This Self Care Idea Will Clear The Constant Mind Chatter

  1. I love this! So often I find myself censoring, even in my own journal because I think “who will find this?” What will they think? When frankly it’s none of my business what they think! I will be doing this exercise tonight!


    1. Exactly! I couldn’t agree more. The relief and inner spaciousness experienced from letting everything out, is too precious to be lost out on. I’ve kept all my journals over the years in a big chest with a lock but I know if anyone ever reads them one day, they’ll be no regrets because of how much better my life has been from having had all that free therapy in pouring my heart out in all those notebooks. Cheers to your wellbeing and thanks for sharing!


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