How Self Care Cultivates A Clear Mind

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Absolutely nothing can replace the satisfaction of of receiving an insight that’s chock full of truth, wisdom and utility. It’s as if a curtain is pulled back and we are given the gift of seeing our life with a clearer, more benevolent and penetrating view on what’s really going on. The person we were before that insight is forever changed from that moment on.


Like a gift that drops straight from the ether and into our psyche, what was not on our radar before, suddenly takes up the whole of our perception in technicolor and gives us an array of options that were previously, non existent.


I’ve read about how people who have contributed greatly to our human history, did so because they frequently received insights that further progressed their cause.  Mathematicians, inventors, poets, scientists, musicians, artists and the like, all received their insights, for the most part, when not engrossed in their work. When away and disengaged completely from their craft such as in a bath, while on a walk or riding a bike.


In the eye- opening book, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, Mason Curry describes the daily routines of over 160 playwrights, novelists, poets, painters, philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians.


All these people created a life around specific activities that created just the right conditions for those priceless insights to come.


They had routines of activity that they discovered, placed them in the sweet spot of being receptive, fully present and at ease.  What can be more caring to ourselves then making sure we feel this way as much as we can?


The activities are different for everyone as the book demonstrates.  Waking up in the middle of the night, playing just the right music and smoking just the right cigar may be the sweet spot for one, yet completely appalling to another.


We don’t have to be a famous artist or mathematician to create the conditions in our life that bring us insight and clarity. We can have a life of more aliveness and contentment when we inquire into what truly lights us up from the inside. In small steps, we can find ways to include activities that bring more of that into our lives.

We have the choice to no longer glorify a live of busyness and instead celebrate a life of intention and purpose. We have the choice to create the conditions that uniquely ease us into that ephemeral sweet spot.


What would life look like for you if you felt more at ease, receptive and present? What kinds of choices would you be making about how you spend your time?

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2 thoughts on “How Self Care Cultivates A Clear Mind

  1. I love this thought. We have to take time out to getaway and get a clear head. I like arts and crafts and I love sitting outside in the sunshine. You’re right. Whatever we do, we have to find time to get outside of the everyday busyness.


    1. Yes, stepping away from it all for even a few minutes helps us to reset ourselves and allow a fresh perspective. I also love arts and crafts and working with my hands, thankfully I get that chance with my son on some family nights. On those nights I let the dishes sit in the sink and the dining table become a chaotic display of paper, glue, crayons and water color 🙂


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