Self Care Commitment Requires Getting Comfortable Saying “No”

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There’s no way around it.


Keeping your commitment to your own self care means saying no to the requests that derail you from it.   At first it can be downright painful to bear the brunt of peoples disappointment when they receive your “No”.


Some people may guilt trip you, others may get mad, others may get distant and still others may become curious, it doesn’t really matter because the most important person you have to be right with, is yourself.


Know that every uncomfortable ‘no’ you get through, strengthens your conviction in your well-being that much more.


Our wellbeing is the foundation of our life and as that strengthens,  all other areas of our life will be up-leveled.


Saying no to distractions, means saying yes to well-being.


Who or what do you need to say no to?

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