Why Self Care Is A Marathon And Not A Sprint

march quote #2


Did  you ever receive a hunch about something important and overlooked it, only to kick yourself later when you realized the hunch was spot on? We’ve all received split second hunches in certain situations, but what about the more persistent ones that keep pointing us towards a life direction?


These kind of hunches can seem like a whisper of a thought that comes in the-in-between moments of your day, such as in the shower, while on commute to work or as your eyes gaze at the climbing numbers on the gas meter as you pump your gas.  When these whispers are shrugged off, they can eerily become taps on the shoulder when you begin to hear them said from other people in conversations or in commercials, almost verbatim.


If we continue to ignore these life nudges, they often make themselves  even more pronounced through inconvenient situations, until we finally get pushed into a corner wherein we have no other recourse then to do what was, at first, only a whisper.  

Have you received a persistent hunch regarding your self care with a back ache or a stomach pain? Is your whisper an increasing fatigue that’s beginning to get in the way of your doing certain activities?


What kind of reality do you see unfolding within a year if you continue as you are?

Will your situation be slipped spinal disc that will force you to bed-rest for over a month, therapy for 6 months and a big bill? Perhaps an emergency hospital trip?


If your whisper has not yet unfolded into a painful consequence, take this post as an invitation to listen to your persistent nudge and take a small step today towards better self care.


Have you deviated from your self care efforts and been on a downward slope of comfortable decline?

Do you feel like a small step will do nothing and what you really need is a major life overhaul? Know that just one mini step today can turn things around and have your future self thanking you


You don’t have to wait to make a massive change until your busy schedule miraculously opens up. An overhaul can begin with one small move today and continue in increments.


In the same way the tortoise won the race and not the hare, what gives big results in the long run is whats manageable and consistent.  The giant fell swoops of action that require major life changes can rubberband you right back to where you started because that kind of effort cannot be maintained.

We can choose today to be consciously inconvenienced by the effort of a mini step, knowing that a little discomfort today, is much easier to manage than being cornered by forceful circumstances tomorrow.


In truth, today’s inconvenient choice is a privilege that may not be there tomorrow.


What mini step can you make today ?


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Sending you love, a reminder to take care of yourself and a big thank you for stopping by!


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