Why You Won’t Keep Your Resolution


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Here’s the thing, the world is changing so fast these days and the bumps in the road that can come up today compared to twenty years ago are not your average problems. With climate change, economic  instability, new illnesses and much more, the likely derailments from our aims at improving our lives hit us at much deeper levels then simply being tempted by the donuts at work.

Falling ill, losing our job, being bullied online,  foreclosing our homes or losing a loved one are all major life changes that hit us at the core of who we are.

For that reason our WHY’s behind the positive changes we are trying to make, have to be that much more meaningful for them to  have a chance at being resilient in the face of those challenges.


We need to ask ourselves WHY what we want to change is important to us and what is at stake if we don’t make that change.


When we are clear that the change we are trying to make lies at the core of who we are and what matters to us,   then we hold on to it with that much more conviction when we’re challenged.

If looking good in those jeans is motivation enough to keep up your exercise routine even after a long day at work then kudos to you, but will it hold up when your beloved sister is diagnosed with cancer? Perhaps your why could change to “working out helps keep me focused on what matters and helps me take the edge off  my stress so I can be a source of positive support for all the people that matter to me”.

With a more meaningful why, your attempts to change your life hold more clout when tempted to be derailed.


Could your resolution be enhanced with a more meaningful why?

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4 thoughts on “Why You Won’t Keep Your Resolution

  1. I never thought about it like that. Giving my resolutions a more meaningful meaning other than looking fly in some jeans lol. My new year resolution for this year is to learn how to listen and follow my gut. To be more in tuned with what goes on within. Love you.


  2. I think this same thing. When I wanted to exercise to stay slim and trim for my wardrobe, it didn’t help when life got stressful. When instead, I needed exercise my high blood pressure and stress sent an underweight girl to the doctor, it gave me a completely different bigger picture. All of a sudden, health benefits up to and including crisis benefit from my exercise.


    1. Hi Brittanny, exactly! When you know whats at stake if you don’t make that change, suddenly the energy comes to see it through when challenges come up. From that angle the challenge is small in comparison to the consequences of not going through with the change. Thank you for your example Brittany and sending you good wishes on your efforts to keep that blood pressure in check!


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