Self Care Cards For Difficult Social Situations

Copy of heal people pleasing

Hello friends!  I usually have a fresh post ready for you every Thursday night but today I’m offering  a gift I’ve been working on for those of you that will be attending holiday gatherings where you know you will be around  a person that is particularly difficult for you.


The holidays are a great time to meetup with those we love and unfortunately they can also be a time of  being around people we have strained relationships with, that we cannot avoid.


My gift for you is a small deck of cards I call Self Care Cards that can easily fit in a pocket, wallet or purse to carry with you into those situations as a little resource of tools and support to help you focus on you and be able to graciously have a good time.



social SC cards layout


Even if you sincerely intend to build a bridge in a relationship where it’s not easy, perhaps a family member, a coworker or an ex whom you co parent with, it can be difficult when face to face to remember to use the tools that help do that.


I wrote about the usefulness of creating a self care kit for social hangover for situations like those in a  post here and another post on planning in advance ways to take care of yourself  in difficult social situations here.



These cards print out as business sized as you can see from the picture above and act as a mini resource that when used, help steer a habitually, less than civilized dynamic into, at the very least, a respectful one.




I know for me the biggest kicker when I’m around the difficult people in my life is the social hangover of being upset with myself  for letting the dynamic sway me into acting in ways I regret. These cards are like a self care kit in your pocket that helps bring the focus back to you to check in with yourself on how you’re doing and what you need to return to equilibrium.

The smaller that feedback loop between knowing what you need and giving yourself that, the more you remain empowered and increase the chances of changing a habitually frustrating dynamic for the better and actually enjoy the evening!




These cards are small enough to easily be tucked in a wallet, purse, or pocket and pulled out to discreetly glance at. They’re best printed out on card stock paper for durability and the dimensions they were designed in.  I’m not a professional but I know when I printed them in card stock the back and front alignment worked much better then just regular printing paper.


Although there is nothing new in these cards since many of us are familiar with these tools, I know for me it is helpful to have something physical to touch, that is pleasant to look at to remind me, because when I’m frustrated I can just as easily forget my name!  I need all the help I can get to not let  my intelligence go out the window and let myself fall into what I call “reptilian defense mode”.


blog post social sc card buton


Love to you all! Happy Holidays!



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