10 Resources On The Power & Science Behind A Gratitude Practice

10 gratitude resources


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! With all the chaos abound, aren’t you grateful that we all have a day in our calendar that is solely dedicated to gathering with loved ones and expressing gratitude?


Although I know the true historical background behind this holiday doesn’t spark any remotely close to, wholesome, warm and fuzzy feelings, I choose to make this holiday a day of focusing on all the benefits that the practice of gratitude gives. Gratitude is one of my favorite topics to talk about in the area of morning habits and as the likes of Tony Robbins, Oprah, and JJ virgin have attested to, is the gift we give ourselves that keeps on giving.


Regardless of the wounds had from having gone through the collective crucible of 2017, we always have the choice to turn to ourselves for our own healing balm through the practice of gratitude.


It’s nothing short of phenomenal to me how science is increasingly backing up how a consistent practice can regularly trigger a flow of good hormones, activate our brain and soothe our nervous system. On our path to creating a purposeful life, we can’t  ignore the message that science is essentially telling us of how we have within us, a free, feel-good pharmacy that we can tap into at any time to help us make better choices.


Here is a list of resources for your perusing enjoyment or for meaningful conversation starters around the dining table tonight on the power of gratitude:



  1. 7 resources on research done on the benefits of practicing gratitude here.


2. 15 doable ideas to make gratitude a daily habit in this post


5. The Greater Good Science Center  is the most well known interdisciplinary research hub that includes the latest research on gratitude at the University of California, Berkeley.


6. An amazing study proving the Cicero quote of “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others”


7. A pivotal book that convinced me to earnestly try the practice of gratitude by Louise Hay called: Louise L Hay and friends “Gratitude, A Way of Life” published 1996 by Hay Foundation. This book has moving essays from many authors on their own personal experience with the practice of gratitude.


3. I share here a pivotal moment I experienced that changed the trajectory of my life from having had a regular gratitude practice here.


4.  A post of mine on the relationship between gratitude, sadness and resilience here


8. Tony Robbins has shared in numerous interviews how he starts his day with gratitude.  Here he guides listeners through a gratitude exercise in a video .


9. Oprah Winfrey has long been an advocate of the practice of gratitude. In this candid article she shares her insights from having maintained her practice for over a decade and her experience from having strayed from it.


10. JJ Virgin the fitness guru, shares in this article how her practice of gratitude kept her grounded during a horrendous crisis her family endured  when her son almost died from a hit and run accident.



Whats your experience with gratitude? Have you made efforts to make it a habit and have reaped the rewards? What have they been?


Please share in the comments below and if  you found this post helpful take a sec and like or share.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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