30 Reasons Why We Need to Experience Silence Regularly




Are you overwhelmed? Do you feel like you’re trying to maintain spinning plates in the rain?


It’s so easy to go through life by the seat of our pants and respond to what’s urgent and immediately in front of us. The dizzying pace at which things change these days, the immense amount of information coming at us from all directions, the barrage of crises happening all over the world can leave us barely able to  take a breath and recover before we can prepare for the next wave of massive change.


It’s increasingly critical to take the time to stop, retreat our senses from the outward noise, unplug from the bombardment of scandal and crisis and return to ourselves,  in silence.



Silence= The Inner Hygiene Habit

Although uncomfortable, when we take the time to experience silence a little every day, that same uncomfortability is in effect an investment in preventing all forms of cognitive, emotional and bodily overload. Silence can act as a powerful cleansing agent in our lives of all that is unnecessary. In the same way we have hygiene habits for our bodies and homes, silence can act as our daily emotional and mental  hygiene habit that helps keep our inner world in order.


Being in silence used to be a self-help chore that today, I see as an eternal fountain of benefits. In wanting to share my love of silence with you today I’m giving 30 benefits of experiencing silence on a regular basis.

30 Benefits of Silence

  1. Helps us get familiar with ourselves and enjoy our own company
  2. Helps us grow more comfortable in our own skin
  3. Gives clarity on who we want to be
  4. Helps us increase our immunity to people pleasing
  5. Relieves the pressure valve of stress on our lives
  6. Helps us process the emotional load of big changes in our personal life
  7. Prevents us from making decisions on impulse and  falling victim to the “seeing no other option” frame of mind
  8. In silence our own demons come up to greet us. In managing the uncomfortability of facing them, we’re better able to manage the uncomfortability of facing uncomfortable situations as a whole.
  9. Strengthens our immunity to making choices based on circumstances
  10. Strengthens our immunity to making choices based on other people’s agenda
  11. Strengthens our ability to make choices based on inner guidance
  12. Time in silence can act as a time to plan our schedules in advance for what’s really important,
  13. Strengthens our ability to manage our emotions better
  14. Gives us a chance to fully feel and air out our intense emotions so they don’t come out in inappropriate times
  15. Allows us to have clarity on
    1. Who really matters to us
    2. What activities really matter to us
    3. What commitments really matter to us
    4. What objects really matter to us
  16. Sharpens our discernment of what the next right action is that will move us towards what we really want
  17. Gives clarity on what values we want our lives to be a demonstration of
  18. Gives us the inner space to review, take note and learn from situations that have not gone the way we’ve preferred
  19. Lightens our emotional load by allowing us to be with and process difficult emotions
  20. Gives us perspective on where we’ve been and where we’re going
  21. Helps us discern between what’s important and what’s urgent
  22. Helps us see what we need to change and cut out of our lives
  23. Helps us sift through our options when needing to make big important decisions
  24. Helps us get clear on what our real motives are behind what we think we want
  25. Creates inner spaciousness
  26. Prevents overwhelm
  27. Makes us open to new ideas
  28. Helps generate new perspectives
  29. Helps calm our nervous system from over stimulation
  30. Leads to significant insight into  our lives


To Each His Own

To get to that place where we can silence our minds for even a few seconds, a process needs to be undertaken of becoming familiar with the conditions that uniquely help us experience that. Taking the initiative to deliberately enforce and protect a regularly allotted time in which we engage with the conditions that cultivate silence can, in times like today, be the detail in our lives that makes or breaks us. Investing every day in our ability to be in silence is a powerful habit we can begin cultivating today.


Some contemplative activities that encourage the experience of inner silence are:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • dancing
  • Journaling
  • Meditating
  • Yoga
  • Coloring


If you have not begun your own journey into silence I encourage you to start and reap these and many more benefits from it.


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