Overwhelmed By The Global Chaos? Do This!

global chaos


Is it just me or does it seem like the global feces has hit the fan? All corners of the world are reaching aggressive climaxes of grand proportions


We’re All In The Cosmic Blender

Feels like even if you’re not one of the people that has been caught in a mass shooting, massive fire, earthquake, flood, been a victim of sexual harassment or fleeing from your country to escape mass genocide, you at the minimum are undergoing a seismic shift in your personal life where everything is being questioned.

We’re All Hurting

While washing dishes, the scenes from the news of refugee women and children from Syria, Bhutan,Yemen, South Sudan, Congo flashed in my mind. Millions upon millions of people wandering the earth looking for safe haven. The word millions seared into my hot chest taking my insides apart.  What would I do if I had to pick up my life in a suitcase and flee with my family at a moment’s notice to escape inconceivable violence, flooding, fires, earthquakes?  My tears spill into the white soap bubbles amidst the colorfully soiled plates. It’s not happening to me, but it is.


There is a massive gaping, throbbing global wound that’s calling out to each and every one of us in ways we need to hear. No one’s privileged existence, regardless of economic status, race, education, “connections”, nationality or gender will come out of this unscathed.

Coming Out Of The Shadows

No one will survive these increasingly turbulent times without their deepest values put to the test. The idea that “the problems”,  “the crazies”  are on the other side of the TV news screen is being forever turned on it’s head. From every walk of life, people seen as pillars of their communities are exposed  as masterminds of unspeakable cruelty to the defenseless and vulnerable.


Do you hear that?


It’s the whisper of your conscience that has turned into a roar


We’re all being called to act for the good of others in our corner of the world…now.

Bring It Back To Balance

I’ve blogged before about how we’re collectively living out the consequences of unhealthy masculinity here. The extreme kind that undermines all expressions of tenderness, compassion, heart in the name of “the hunt” to achieve and conquer.

Today I ask of you, what action can you take today to soften your corner of the world? What action can you take that contributes more heart and humanity in the face of the savagery? What little slice of your community can you take ownership for and say “I’m going to commit to caring for this, thoroughly”?

The List Is Endless

It can be one hour at an Animal shelter,

dropping off school supplies for the families living in domestic violence shelters,

donating to the food pantry every month,

reading poetry to a senior citizen

tutoring a child after school ,

holding babies in hospitals whose mothers can’t,

pull weeds at your local garden co-op,

plant trees,

write 10 letters of encouragement and stick them on random car window wipers in parking lots.

Partially pay someone’s grocery bill behind you in the grocery line,

donate part of a wish list of a homeless shelter

the list goes on and on.


Every corner of the world is aching to be exposed to human decency.



My Little Corner of The Earth

For me I love up my family, we grow 30% of our annual food consumption, recycle, tithe my income towards this amazing organization,  I’ve volunteered one day  a week for the past 4 years to do things with kids in my community like play value based games that builds their emotional intelligence and go on nature field trips and a few minutes  of my day every morning goes to praying for the defenseless that are being preyed upon.


This is what feels right for me, this is what I can do.  Maybe one day I’ll feel called to show up differently, as of now this brings me peace amidst the chaos. I can sleep after that good hard cry at the kitchen sink because I know I will continue doing what I can.

What feels right to you?

Taking action is the antidote to the worry of “where is the world going?”


For those of you depressed about the state of the world and overwhelmed at what’s happening, I say to you…


take a deep breath….

get quiet,

block out all the noise


listen to what your heart is telling you






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