Why Home Care Is Self Care, In Tough Times Part 2

Why Home Care IS

Are you overwhelmed when you come across the state of the world? Does your heart break learning of the destruction from all these natural disasters these past few weeks around the world? Hundreds of thousands people displaced in Texas, another 2 million in India alone, more to come from Irma?!


Scary Mass Chaos

Massive life changes can happen at the drop of a hat, that this truth has been made painfully clear to many of us is an understatement. We’ve all to some extent have been touched by if not natural disasters, then unemployment, foreclosure, divorce, illness, senseless violence or the death of a loved one.  Like ants at the whims of great giants among us, we do what we can with what’s within our reach to hang on to decency, dignity and any sense of normalcy.


What I Return To, The Basics

If you’re brave enough to look at the news, you may be feeling like me right now, overwhelmed.  I can feel small and powerless when seeing the gravity of the chaos everywhere today. With my plate already full with what the giant winds of change have blown my way, I’ve been coping by returning to what I know as my fundamentals. I return to my basics while still reaching out to do my part in making a positive difference.


It’s been a moment to moment practice sometimes consisting of saying a prayer for the victims while I  making my son’s lunch,  giving gratitude for my husband being alive while I help him up from a chair because his broken ribs won’t allow him to do it himself. The practice has also meant looking at my budget for what I can give to the the causes that pull at my heart the most and silently expressing gratitude that I have it to give as I press the donation submit button .


Habits Carry Us in Tough Times

Two weeks ago I shared in this post how helpful it is to have home care habits in tough times since it’s exactly at these times when the last thing on our minds is keeping a home tidy. The beauty of a habit is exactly that, that there’s not much energy expended in carrying it out.


Preserving and Upholding Our Home Respite

While carrying out my home care habits can’t help my husband’s broken bones heal any faster from his accident, bring my newly deceased loved ones back or house all those displaced families,  they do carry me through my day on automatic. I go through the motions of caring for my home and maintingung it as the respite that u need to be while my heart prays for all of this.


The Habits

So what do these home care habits look like? First I will say that like, my morning self care habits, they slowly took time to create and build upon one another. I started with just one habit that snowballed into more over the course of a few years and they can be put into 3 categories : Food, laundry and the house cleaning. On a great week, I do them all on a Sunday, but as long as they get done by Sunday, their benefits still hold true.

Launch into my Week Food Prep Habit

The most important keystone habit upon which all other rest is my food prep habit. When it comes to food, my biggest time and sanity saving habit is that of bulk cooking. Although I haven’t gotten into my full on bulk cooking flow as of yet, since I need to better gather my resources for that big endeavor (one weekend a month devoted to cooking 6 different Mexican/Indian lentil and bean stews), I fall back on my smaller home habits such as these below.

Home Care Habits #1 Category: Food Prepping

    1. Breakfast:
      1. Pancakes are made and stored. Half are frozen, ready to be taken out for come Wednesday night for Thursday-Sat
      2. Frozen smoothie bags stuffed with fruit, greens and nuts
    2. Lunch for work and school
      1. Pasta
      2. Washed fruit
      3. Prepped marinade salads
      4. One meal casseroles
    3. Dinner:
      1. Meal flavoring vegetables like onions, garlic, jalapenos, cilantro, tomatoes and ginger are washed, diced and stored in fridge
      2. Dough kneaded for flatbread
      3. At least 2 kind of vegetables for sauteing are washed, cut and stored
    4. Snacks:
      1. Baked cookies
      2. Simmer a batch of sweet tea


Benefits of Engaging With Food

The process of making meals with whole foods brings me peace and sanity in these ways

  1. Selecting, washing, peeling, cutting, storing, cooking produce and finally eating them is grounding and satisfying
  2. I and the members in my house feel lighter, think clearer and behave with more presence when we eat whole food meals
  3. We all  sleep better
  4. Our bank balance is happier because we’re not eating out.


The Cascade of Goodness

For some this may seem like a heck of alot of work for a Sunday, yet for me it has come down to deciding that my peace of mind is worth the effort. Following through with routines before Monday makes things substantially easier for me from the time I get up, to the time I go to sleep, Monday through Saturday. To come home after work and know that I have already what I need to throw a meal together within 10 minutes because I did the backend work already, is a huge assurance.


Home Care Habits #2 Category : Laundry

Another weekend home care habit is that of laundry. I remember a few years ago reading the news about the Chilean miners and their requests while they waited to be rescued. They requested soap, razors and shaving cream among other things. I remember thinking “Yes, keeping our appearance orderly keeps our sense of normalcy, decency and sanity intact.”


  1. Wash all laundry including bed linens then dry, fold and put away.
  2. Clothes for my son and I, is pres-elected for each day of the week so that the night prior I just pull out the outfit and lay it out. Wasted morning time spent trying to decide is erased.

Home Care Habits #3 Category :  House Cleaning

    1. Vacuum and mop floors
    2. Scrubbed toilet
    3. Scrub bathroom sinks
    4. Water plants


The Beauty of These Habits

When I carry out these habits on Sundays everything in my week flows much easier for me and it all leads to a more present dinner and slowing down for bed. Closing the day in peace leads to deeper sleep which leads to my being able to wake up early so I can have my self care time and that leads to a shinier version of me in general and it all beautifully cycles  and feeds into each other.

Amazing Home Care Expert

As I mentioned in my last post, Marla Cilley, a.k.a The Flylady was a great resource in guiding me to reframing home care from that of being foreign and a chore to it being the central nucleus of a grounded  life for families and single people alike. If you want to know more of her check her out here


If you think your home could use a little more TLC and you want some free therapy in these crazy times, why not commit to adopting just one habit this month that bring peace into the chaos of your home? It may take some time and energy upfront to get organized in this respect but it will undoubtedly ripple effect into the rest of our lives and pay off in high dividends.


Do any of you have habits for your home that you lean into to get your mind off things? Share them in the comment below and if you found this post helpful, take a sec to share or like.


As always thank you for making me a part of your day!

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