How to Make Impromptu Self Care Doable and Fun

How To Make Impomptu


The other day something rare, precious and phenomenal happened to me. I was surprised with the unexpected gift of 45 minutes to myself in the middle of the day. My husband had a surprise errand he had to run which would take him that amount of time to complete and my son had an impromptu play date a few houses down and I…was…all…alone


The Should Trap

I was beside myself with anticipation over how to use the invaluable treasure.  My mommy brain defaulted to the efficient, productive and responsible ideas of what I “should” get done: fold laundry, process the mail that piled up, organize a drawer, load up the dishwasher, prep for the next meal etc.


Kindness = A Pep In Your Step

I've been on the self care journey long enough though, to know that when these kind of opportunities present themselves, the best thing to do is treat myself to those things I can’t do when others are around (unless they're my girl buddies over for a planned girlfriend pampering session). Loving myself enough to treat myself to kind acts that are creative, relaxing, fun or nourishing, undeniably and unfailingly inoculate my day with the chutzpah  needed to get the “should's”  done happily.


Self Kindness Leads To Larger Bandwidth

That chutzpah is what gives me the bandwidth for more attention to detail where it makes a difference like smiley face strawberries on my son’s pancake instead of just tossed on top or putting a little elbow grease and my heart into a card for a friends birthday instead of buying it.


Over Thinking It Took Precious Time

The downside of that momentous occasion the other day was that due to being hardwired in the habit of doing things for myself in the morning, I ended up spending half of the time thinking what  best way to use it, what a time waster! I think of self care all the time and write about it every week, but I'm a planner at heart, so thinking on my feet on such an occasion was not my strong point. I thought to myself “What if there was a fun and easier way to access those great self loving ideas when I needed them?”



Last Week's Bored Jar For Kids

Last week I mentioned the sweet idea of the bored jar for kids that is all the craze on Pinterest. It's a fun and easy way for kids to access ideas of things to do when their bored. Ideas are written on popsicle sticks as opposed to having them on paper and some parents also color coded them according to categories such as things to make, do outside, do inside etc.


A Great Model

There's  benefits to this idea over simply having these ideas on a  paper such as, the stick not getting lost like a paper because they have a designated place in the jar,  their more durable then the paper to wear and tear and  the color  coded categories makes them easier to choose from and nice to look at.


Recap on Summer Series

Before I go on about the fun I had I want to update those of you stopping by for the first time, this is the fifth post in my Summer Self Care for Parents series. In my first post I shared 5 tips that have helped me create a summer that is not only fun for our family but also kind to me in terms of my needs for refueling and time to myself. In my second post I shared why being bored for kids is good, builds self care skills for later in life and how it can be the fertile ground for creating things. In my third post l expanded more on this point of creating things with 20 reasons why it’s among the most restorative forms of self care. I also gave 5 art prompts to get you started on your own creative adventure.  In the fourth postI shared more on the research behind the restoring benefits to mind and body when working with your hands and gave 22 ideas for creating easy, beautiful and useful things with your hands.



Bored Jar Meets Mommy's Self Care

Today I will share with you how I took the bored jar idea and applied it to my impromptu situation to create a self care jar!!  I first sat down and brainstormed a list of things to treat myself to and grouped them according to increments of time from 1-5 minutes, 5-10 minutes-10-15 minutes, 15-20 and 25+  and wrote them on popsicle sticks. I then color coded them according to the time increments with different colored washi tape.

Self Care Jar Title.png

DIY Self Care

I had so much fun making this it felt like a self  care treat just putting it together!

This is a great and inexpensive DIY to make for ourselves or a friend, especially those that are new parents. For those of you that are not parents but are needing a fun way to bring variety into your self care, why not play self care roulette with yourself and try out a new idea every day during your allotted self care time?


Here are lists of what I wrote in the time increments, some overlap and that's why there are many colors on one stick. This is how I made the key on the label

Self Care Jar Time Key 1



Here is a picture of some of the actual sticks

Self Care sticks

1-5 minutes Red

  1. Light some incense
  2. Eat a nourishing snack: almonds, fruit, yogurt etc.
  3. File your nails
  4. Hydrate well: simple water or with electrolytes
  5. Roll feet on foot massager
  6. Stretch with a yoga posture
  7. Pinch some modeling clay between your fingers


5-10 minutes Orange

  1. Color in my adult coloring book
  2. Read
  3. Comb your scalp and hair
  4. Roll feet on foot massager longer 🙂
  5. Work hand puzzle  toy
  6. Stretch with more yoga postures
  7. Mold modeling clay  into something
  8. Fill out a page in my adult dot to dot book
  9. Paint with water colors
  10. Write a thank you note to someone to mail
  11. Walk outside
  12. Draw in a doodle
  13. Journal gratitude's
  14. Watch a Steve Harvey clip and laugh!
  15. Prepare a smoothie
  16. Spill unedited thoughts in journal with a Brain dump
  17. Make yourself a cup of tea


10-15 minutes Yellow

  1. Put your feet in a bucket of hot Epsom salt water
  2. Paint more with water colors
  3. Read
  4. Stretch with more postures
  5. Hand puzzle
  6. Take on a Rush Hour Game challenge
  7. Start and finish a word search puzzle or sudoku  puzzle in those books
  8. Polish your nails and set to dry
  9. Nap!
  10. Walk outside
  11. Journal more gratitude's
  12. Color a page in your adult coloring book
  13. Draw  a doodle in your journal
  14. Prepare a yummy meal for yourself
  15. Watch two Steve Harvey clips


15-20 minutes Green

  1. Nap
  2. Complete a set of yoga postures
  3. A long walk outside
  4. Read more 🙂
  5. Journal your heart out!
  6. a longer gratitude list
  7. Color more in coloring book
  8. Draw more doodles in journal
  9. Prepare a meal for yourself and eat by candlelight
  10. Take an Epsom salt bath 30 min (Consider the 10min prep scrub and waiting for water to fill)
  11. Watch a full episode of the Steve Harvey show


For everything over 20 minutes I colored with blue washi tape. I plan to have this jar handy in my home so that next time that precious window of time shows up, I'll be ready!

How do you show up for your self care when surprised with time all to yourself?

In my next post I will share with you my self care supplies and another tip that will  save even more time.   If you found this post helpful take a second to like, share or comment below.

Until then thank you for making this post a part of your day!

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