Wanting Deeper Femininity? Feed Yourself Poetry!



What happens when the journaling, the baths  and the scented candles give you a nice taste of this newly discovered softer, feminine side of you, yet leave you wanting more?

Hello friends! Today’s post will be the 4th post in this series on exploring femininity.  Here I will share the power of poetry in deepening one’s experience of the feminine and before I do, I’ll briefly recap on the last posts for those of you stopping by for the first time.



I first began this theme by sharing a post on what femininity and masculinity mean to me, why this world is starving for more femininity and ideas to increase it in our lives by reaching out to the women around us. I then shared a post  on a common struggle  among women, of finding it hard to create and maintain self care routines. I offered the distinct perspective that it’s not about them but instead about the contribution they BECOME to their corner of the world, after having regularly and deeply refueled themselves. The most recent post was on how exploring our own childhood experiences of being mothered helps us to break out of self sabotaging patterns.



Mojo? No Joe

What happens when you’ve done your morning self lovin’ and it has launched you into a beautiful day, yet come the afternoon, your mojo reserves are low? How do you reach out for that softer you, the one that isn’t a white knuckling, cranky brat, steamrolling through the house to “get it done” ? What happens when you’re aching for a deeper experience of the feminine?


Chop Wood Carry Water

I have been in this sticky spot usually when it’s the middle of the week and 5:30 pm rolls around. At those times I simply do not want to do the necessary tasks that keep my home running. Do you know those? The menial, repetitive and necessary tasks of picking up, sorting out, wiping off, rinsing, folding, chopping… you get the drift.


Avoiding The Aggressive Mode

I also don’t want to go into masculine overdrive where I plow through things aggressively. A soothing way I have found to soften this begrudging attitude, has been to first light some incense (pleasing scents are a very fast way to begin loosening the grips of stress), then sit and prepare my phone and headphones to listen to poetry.



Yes poetry. Who would of thought! Listening to voices recite melodic verses of meaning and color, nourishes and soothes me as I move through the motions one breath at a time. Nothing much to date softens the grind of those tasks on “low mojo days” as does poetry.



Corazón a Corazón (Heart to Heart)

In this information age where we all consume information for the better part of our days, nothing quite softens my attention and defenses like listening to a poem being read. It’s not the same as listening to a novel, a memoir or a nonfiction book in audio format. The first stark difference is that  poetry is a way to listen directly to the heart of another.



The Poetry Door Opens

My first introduction to the magic of poetry was through a creative writing class in high school that was led by a wonderful woman named Lois Neate. Mrs. Neate had influenced an important change of course in my life, in that she helped turn my attention to the power of creative expression through the written word.



Self Created Moments of Lushness

She puzzled and fascinated me in that she didn’t seem to be trudging along life like all the other adults in that school. She honestly loved what she did and the most memorable thing about her is when she shared with me how she had memorized many of her favorite poems. She explained that she did this so that when a time arrived of needing to busy her mind, say waiting in line at the bank, she, in her own words “…pull out one of my favorite poems by memory and experience it”


Filling Up On Beauty

Her sharing this fact with me had opened a door to a whole new world for me. She was the first person I had met that had verbalized how they navigated their internal world when out and about doing life.  That she had anticipated and actively invested time into shaping a lush experience for herself in seemingly mundane moments, was a new concept for me. From then on I began exploring the idea of what I could “fill” my head with that was beautiful and interesting.


Blanketed With Belleza

You can create beauty for your senses by decorating your home and office, you can eat foods that taste delicious and take some time to present it beautifully to yourself before you eat it. You can light a scented candle and wear clothes that feels good on your skin. In all those ways your senses can be fed beauty but what of your hearing? Poetry is beauty for your ears.


Feel Through An Other’s Heart

The nature of poetry is that it has a rhythm that carries the mind of the listener into a different mod-us-operandi.  Poems also offer an intimacy like no other in that the art form challenges the author to  open up their inner world and craft a visceral experience of it through their words. All this atop the fact that to hear a person’s voice read a poem, adds that extra dimension of personal contact



Let Go

For the listener there is no aim, no agenda or goal other than to sit back and let the author take you on a ride into their world. The multi-layers of subjective experience that are being projected through poetry is for me, one more entryway into experiencing the vulnerable, real, soft and deeper aspect of the feminine.


Here are some wonderful places I frequent when I long for that rich auditory experience to carry me through the mundane.






Most Important Poem of My Life

Having gone into this topic of poetry being a vehicle for my going deeper into my own femininity, I cannot deny that the next level of experiencing the feminine in my life in  more substantial way, has been through my spirituality in the form of a poem as well.


To do this area justice I will dedicate my whole next post to it. Stay tuned!


Do you love poetry? Is there a different way that you have found, helps sink your chit chatting mind into your soft and open heart?


Please share!


As usual if you found this post helpful please like, share or comment below. Also if there is something different you’d like me to cover please let me know.


Thank you for stopping by!






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