Self Care Infographic

Hello friends! Here is a graphic for you that encapsulates my understanding of how our self care is the very foundation of how we live our lives and influence others. I thought it may be helpful to have a post of just this image.

I posted this infographic in last weeks post  for those of you stopping by for the first time, where I shared the importance of strengthening your whys or your intentions, for creating and maintaining a self care routine.

I know for me seeing images that illustrate a concept are many times, more powerful and immediate  in conveying the message in comparison to the the written word, may it be of use to you 🌹

If this graphic is helpful to you, please share, comment or like. If you think it needs something more, or needs to be changed in some way for it to be of more use, please let me know.


Foundation energy

foundation energy 2

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