Why Allowing Your Job to Shape Your Mornings is a Huge Mistake

job and mornings


You hit the snooze button and with your eyes still fluttering, you get up and once again do what you have done everyday, for years. As your feet come in contact with your floor you smell the coffee getting ready and your senses become cued up to make your way to your laptop.


The Senses Cued Up

The sound of your alarm, the smell of the coffee, the texture of the floor under your feet and even the time in the morning that your body is waking up, has trained your mind and body to be ready to dive into your work before your official work has even started.


Using That Morning Advantage

As an astute employee, this morning ritual ensures you gain a head start on your work and stay on your game, every day. It supports you and systematically takes care of your basic morning behavior so you can spend most of your energy tackling the latest work challenge before you even arrive to work..

The rewards of your job may be many: the status, the recognition, the respect, the authority, the pay,  the stability, you may even love your work and be fulfilled by it.


The Transient Reality of Jobs

Then, just like millions of people today, the unpredictable happens and you lose that job.

Your very world comes to a painfully screeching halt.

The daily rhythm you had been carrying all those years hits a wall and you’re met with an unfamiliar gaping void  that now pervades your days and nights. You wake up to you… just you.  No morning snooze button at a certain time, there’s nothing to wake up early enough to prepare for. No buzzing of the coffee machine as you make your way to your laptop, there’s no pressing task needing your alert attention.


You Gave Away Your Power

What you didn’t realize was that for the most part, you had allowed your job to shape the most critical times of your daily life, how you spend your mornings and nights. What you didn’t know was that it’s precisely the time right after you wake up and right before you sleep that over time, most color the overall theme and feel of your life.

The stark absence of those familiar experiences has you floundering, stymied,  lost, scattered, maybe even betrayed, like the rug has been pulled from under you.


Our Job =Our Value ?

Many of us have been in this position.

We wrap up so much of our own identity and self worth by the employment positions we hold. Our casual conversations upon meeting another person are commonly punctuated with the question of all questions…”So what do you do?”

As if the whole of who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going could possibly be summed up in the tidy box called, your job title.


My Mornings Based Soley on My Looks

I did this. Just out of college I worked at a bank and woke up early enough to get myself to look the part more than anything. Even breakfast was questionable back then.  Alarm clock, shower, makeup, hair done, perfume, keys, wallet and vamonos!


After that I was offered a job at a small marketing firm and again, my morning was shaped by that position.

When that job let me go, I was devastated. Aside from having my ego bruised, my mornings became aimless. My confidence had hit the floor and I teeter tottered on the slippery slopes of depression. How could I feel decent without a job?

Where Time is Spent is What We Value

What we spend time on is what we value. Period. Our employment has it’s place but we can’t let the bulk of our time away from work, be shaped BY our work because as we all know by now, thanks to the rocky economy, jobs are transient.

We don’t take the job with us when we die.  At the end of the day we are faced with who we were and what we gave.

Shift Away From the Shame of Unemployment

Losing your job can create a huge sense of a loss of identity and for some even trauma. The shame of not being employed can run deep and yet we are more than what a job labels us as. We are multidimensional beings, always growing and changing whether we know it or not.  We contribute most to the world when we are stable in our sense of purpose and  wellbeing no matter what the state of our “job” is.


Take Back Your Morning!

For this reason it is paramount that we spend our precious morning and evening times doing something purely for us. Even if it’s just 15 minutes.  It’s important that we do something that goes beyond the surface of “looking good” or getting job brownie points and instead spend time on what truly lights us up.


Grounded in the Good, Come What May

When you have rituals in place that are not dependant on your employment, you have more control over your wellbeing.  Rituals  of wellbeing can cue up your body, emotions and thoughts into a state of evenness and equilibrium so that when major life transitions arrive, you remain centered in the present and open to opportunities.


Stay Open and Take Action

Having empowering habits in place takes the power of priming the senses and returns it where it should be, in your hands.  Feeling in control of your time and energy naturally propels you to take steps that keep you moving with purpose, when in those times of unknowing make all the difference.


Find what elevates you, inspires you, energizes you and delights you, for the simple fact that it’s your birthright!


Make your morning and evening rituals about your intentions, your reflections and your appreciations of the day. If you are one of those people that have allowed your job to shape your mornings and evening do yourself a favor and take back that time.


Make Your Mornings and Evenings Intentional

Set a boundary that you don’t take your work with you to bed and instead spend 5 minutes jotting down what your grateful for and what you intend for tomorrow. Commit to not touch your work activities first thing in the morning and instead fil it up with invigorating movement, water for your internal flushing and a solid breakfast.

We are whole beings that deserve more then a job that pays the bills to give us a sense of purpose and fulfilling life.


Where do you stand on this topic?  I’d love to know.

As always if you found this post helpful please share, like or comment below.  Thank you for stopping by!



2 thoughts on “Why Allowing Your Job to Shape Your Mornings is a Huge Mistake

  1. Thanks for the great blog post. It’s so easy for me to sleep in and miss my morning routine because I really need the sleep. But you reminded me that even 15 min in the morning is enough to put some focus on what lights me up. Thank you for the important reminder to stay on track, this is very inspirational and helpful.


    1. Hello Alix! So glad it was helpful to you. Your right, 15 mins can make a big difference no doubt and sleep is important as well. Thank you for commenting, wishing you many well rested mornings 🌞


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