Why You Need to Invest in the Ultimate Life Insurance Now!



Ever been in the midst of an emergency and had to haggle through your insurance’s customer service pipeline? Not the best feeling to have to jump through hoops to prove you need them to have your back.


What if I told you that there is a type of insurance that covers you in ways that go way beyond your typical insurance policy? Investing in this type of insurance is guaranteed to cover you every time… unfailingly. It’s benefits accrue exponentially and cover you profoundly.


Three words:


Habits of Empowerment.


Deeper Love and Faith

I shared in a previous post how I have unearthed a new level of conviction in the power of empowerment a habit. For the past few months I’ve been undergoing a time of great change in my personal life due to a handful of unplanned events, one of which is the death of my near and dear maternal grandmother.


Eyes on The Horizon While in the Waves

These habits have been keeping me buoyant among the chaos to say the least. They are covering me, head, heart, body and bank account (no impulse shopping). They’ve helped me maintain my focus on what’s important, kept me resourceful, open to help, upheld my overall sense of well being and provided a sacred space for my own watershed process of transformation.


This I know is true,


I’ve been able to carry out these empowering habits because they’re  just that… habits. They are parts of me like the limbs of my body. They are daily choices that take little effort because I’ve been making them every day, for years.

The Tomorrow Epidemic

It’s common for people, especially moms, to say I will start making time for myself “WHEN ….” . When my kindergartner begins to have longer days at school, on my next vacation, when I start bringing in a little more money.


If you are one of those people, let me tell you,


Start Now.


No really


What is inevitable and guaranteed is that an unplanned game changer of an event will knock on your door. No one escapes living out their adulthood without one.


When it does will you be ready to face it head on, with presence?


Life Sucking Vortex

What commonly happens is that these game changers knock the possibility of starting self care habits, right out of the ball park. They happen and come front and center as the most emotionally, physically, mentally and many times financially consuming aspects of your life.


Common Reality

One of my aunt’s is one, of many, examples I know first hand. Over 12 years ago she received the responsibility of being my grandmother’s caretaker after a fall that sent her to the hospital. She had a full time job, 3 kids and a husband. There were other siblings close by, somehow the bulk of the job always landed on her (unfortunately starting to be the norm in Mexico, where as before I was told it, was an  undisputed way of life that every sibling helped care for their parents).


The Load Increases

A few years in, one of her daughters became a single teen mom. My aunt had her hands full to say the least. She didn’t have self care habits in place before taking on the responsibility of my grandmother’s care or before she became a mother for that matter.


The Descent

My mother, also a militant practitioner of self care and my first guru in that area) encouraged her to regularly get massages, I even paid for the first few. We also encouraged her to take morning walks with us when we were visiting. She would respond by saying that she wanted to and would get to it soon, just that for now, she was too busy.


The Gloom Grows

Over the years everyone noticed changes in my aunt. She began to isolate herself more, rejected to meet at family gatherings and celebrations, ended friendships and carried an undertone of overall bitterness.


The exhaustion is still palpable in her presence.


The Other Side

In the last post I mentioned the inspiring story of J.J. Virgin. She is the other reality. She is what could be, when empowering habits are set in place before these game changers arrive.


As entrepreneur and proponent of optimal living through exercise and diet, she practiced habits of empowerment as a lifestyle. She kept her mind and body sharp and also had a daily practice of writing gratitudes that kept her emotional health resilient. This she shares in her documentary and book, prepared her for being on her A game when her son was struck by a hit and run.


Because these habits were already established, she just had to turn up the volume on them, much easier than having to start from scratch when you’re plate is already full with the crisis at hand.


At 25 minutes into this amazing interview with The Model Health Show she leads into how she decided to commit to her extreme self care.


Dedication to A State of High Focus and Positivity

Upon it becoming clear to JJ that she would need to devote herself wholeheartedly to the recovery of her son and to the launching of her book to ensure payment of her son’s medical care, she amped up her already established self care habits and allowed no room for error. It was game on as she has shared in her documentary.


Caregiver Surprise

JJ has spent the last 4 years tending to and overseeing the amazing rehabilitation of her son since then. She entered the situation with a baseline of great health and hence, was able to make quick, high risk decisions and resist being overruled by the doctors abysmal prognosis.


Being On Her Game

It was clear as day to her  that she couldn’t afford the consequent fuzzy brained state of eating a slice of pizza when others told her to relax and treat herself.


Hospitals are places where accidents happen all the time in terms of mixing the wrong prescriptions, misdiagnosing and  over medicating. Knowing this, she was with him to oversee all daily treatments while continuing with the launching of her business from his bedside. Talk about being ON!



JJ Virgin received a game changer event as did my aunt and I. Had my aunt had habits of self care I think her situation would of unfolded differently. Perhaps her ability to ask for help would of been tapped into. Perhaps the experience of setting the small boundary of creating Me Time before anyone else would of helped to create bigger boundaries in how she extended herself with caring for others.


As JJ has said, because of the state of her physical and emotional health coming into her situation, she was able to be resourceful and make different choices.


Start Now

Investing in your well being is like working a muscle, the more you work it, the stronger you become… indefinitely. When surprises come you have already cultivated a state of readiness for life. You’ve been operating at your best, long before that event and so you easily tap into those much needed reserves of extra focus, resourcefulness and creativity.

Get Started

If you’ve been putting off that choice to begin exercising regularly, to begin a gratitude journal, begin a meditation practice, reading a sacred text of your chosen spiritual path, start that painting, begin that novel… I urge you to take a step however small, TODAY.


What empowering choice are you putting off ?  What teeny tiny step could yout ake today to move you in that direction? I’d love to know

If you found this post helpful take a moment to share, like or comment below. As always thank you for making me a part of your day!





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