Getting to Deeper Ease

Getting To Deeper(1)


The evolution of a morning power routine has been a process for me of getting familiar with the subtleties of ease. There are thresholds of being uncomfortable that in my experience, need to be walked through to get to deeper ease. In the process of my tweaking my morning power routine activities to make them leaner in terms of less time and more “ease punch”, an idea will come to me of new actions I can to take to get to it.

Navigating Discomfort

In Exercise

Exercise is one of those examples for me. Working out has never been a process full of ease for me but boy when I’m done does it set the tone of more ease in how I move, breathe and think for the rest of the day. I do a cardio routine on a step stool and when it gets easy/ boring I get ideas of how to amp up the sweat factor like dipping deeper into my squats lifting heavier weights and moving faster.

In Food

Foods straight from the ground or tree also have me feel at ease. There was discomfort in the beginning of my transition in leaving the convenience of prepackaged foods behind with all the prepping and cooking involved. Once my overall energy started increasing and my health improved, it became easier and not so uncomfortable.

In Meditation

Meditation in general brings me more ease yet it was definitely uncomfortable in the beginning to get up earlier to actually do it. I definitely felt at ease in my bed thank you very much! Once I started experiencing that spaciousness inside, a lightness, like the gears inside my head got oiled and aren’t as tight then it became easier to do. A few extra minutes in bed never gave me all that.

 Positive Experience To Get You Past the Initial Struggle

Let’s be real, we know there are a host of beneficial changes we could make but don’t because it’s uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable period. Experience though is the mother of all teachers. Nothing can motivate more to continue a new habit then the reward of positive experience.

Take That Baby Step!

I invite you to take a baby step towards a new habit today that would increase the ease in your life. Think of the domino effect it would have on you life. How would one tiny step towards a good habit change how you feel about yourself, how you interact with others?

Thank you for stopping by my hub. I’d love to hear from you. What things in your life do you observe that when you are willing to go through some discomfort, pay off with greater ease, either physically or mentally ?

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