How To Find Your Power Routine Part II


Find Your Higher Octane Fuel

SO now you have some idea of things that have you feeling better. Great! Now it’s time to fine tune and look for how you can feel better then better.  We are looking for the juice, we want to touch the nerve that makes you come alive. We want to unearth the grunt of deep satisfaction in you, that which has you feeling so good that you feel you’re about to burst. We are looking for those activities that elicit in you either during the activity or upon completion, the James Brown “I Feel Good!” happy dance. These activities take your feeling good capacity to the very limit and when engaged in first thing in the morning, create a momentum to your day that very little can dwindle.


What Activities Give the Most Punch for Your Time

A little over a year ago as a homeschooling mom that had let myself go physically I decided it was time to apply my dedication to routines into the maintenance of a robustly healthy body. I had already integrated a chanting practice, a journaling practice and a daily habit of drinking of 1.5 liters of water first thing in the morning years before. I was happy with how my life has changed in big ways for the better yet received signs I needed to bring it up a notch in my health.  If I was sincere about taking care of my health while upholding my dedication to the making of this blog I needed to find a way to fit both into the small crevice of time I had away from my son.


Zoning In On The Exact kind of Exercise That Makes My Body Sing

In college I exercised religiously and remembered how good it felt to reach that place where my heart was pounding, my shirt was soaked with sweat, my muscles were burning while entering that rhythm of breathing deep into my diaphragm. I remember how sharp I’d feel all day afterward.  I aimed for reaching that state without leaving my home to go to a gym or buying expensive machinery that cluttered my already small living space.


I started by taking long walks with my 3 year old son. The walks definitely didn’t supply me with the muscle burn and heavy breathing as they were more sightseeing and exploration walks for my son. He would not have any speed whatsoever when there were so many interesting bugs, rocks  and puddles on the way. Nonetheless I felt much better in doing them. “I just need to move more” I told myself.


I came to a place where I was finally ready to make the commitment to find time away from my son to get the challenge my body needed. I bit the bullet and got up even earlier than I already was to make time to exercise.

I realized the uncomfortability in getting up earlier would pay off in the long run.


Using What I Have and Working IT

I remember in college trying a step aerobics class. “I have a stepping stool!” I thought to myself. I looked on youtube for step aerobics routines and fumbled up and down on that thing in my kitchen (that was the room farthest from the bedroom so my son and hubby couldn’t hear my workout music) for 20 minutes before my son would wake up. 10 minutes of stepping up and down was enough in the beginning to get me out of breath so 20 minutes was definitely giving me the challenge I needed. In time I didn’t fumble so much and it got easier so I held tomato cans or full gallon jugs and added a variety of movements.  After 20 minutes I’d run my sweaty arse to the shower just on the heels of my little man waking up. Muscles burned: check, deep breathing: check, sweaty shirt: check and feeling sharper the rest of the day: check, check, check and check!


Problem solved. No cluttering up my house with exercise equipment, no purchase of a gym membership or commuting time. I can happily say I have dropped 3 pant sizes as a result in the past 7 months. The walking had me feeling better, the step aerobics was my higher octane fuel.


Finding Yours

If you’re already 10 minutes of Mandala coloring has you feeling the meditative mode you have been wanting then you may want to increase it now to 15 minutes. Go deeper into that meditative mode.


Perhaps your longer then usual walks through the grocery parking lot  have you feeling better and you are ready now to bring it up a notch. Now you can zone in on exercise that is more suited to your lifestyle, body type, health conditions, personality and goals. Perhaps you have an injury that you have been permanently effected by, then you find exercise to cater to that and that still challenges you enough to amp up those endorphin’s. Play with it, explore. Perhaps you want more fun in your life, a zumba workout class may be for you. Maybe you want to enhance a specific body part. You could google some exercises that focus on those body parts and start incorporating 2-5 minutes of them into your morning before you jump into the shower.


As always thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear from you! What is your higher octane fuel? What activities that you are doing now on a daily, weekly basis could you replace with other activities that give you more beneficial punch in the same or less amount of time?

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