How to Find Your Power Routine Part I



So you’re curious about what a power routine might look like for you and don’t know where to start? Are you ready to deliberately do what is needed to experience your “sweet spot” on a daily basis? Are you’re ready to start the process of finding that formula unique to you that generates an overflow of positivity into the rest of your day?

Let me start off by saying that the PR match for you is dependent on your goals, genetic makeup, lifestyle, personal qualities and gifts. It’s also important to gauge how much time you’re willing to allow in your mornings for this new change in your lifestyle. Take some time to think about whether you’re willing to wake up even 5 minutes earlier then you already do. Once you decide on the amount of space you’ll allow in your day for this formula to reveal itself then you can move on to the next part.


Being a Power Detective

You want to start seeing yourself as a power detective. What I mean is you go about your day paying more attention to when your feel good capacity is stretched and you feel more alive than just your average “alright” feelings. You are aiming ultimately for finding what fills you deeply with power. When that happens it feels like a deep inner nerve of juicy aliveness has been touched and we become lit like a Christmas tree from the inside out.

To begin though you can start small by just noticing things that interest you, that have you feeling a little better than you did. In the beginning of my exploration being lit with delight and glee was a foreign feeling for me. Maybe I had them as a child at some point but I couldn’t remember what those feelings were like. I just wanted to feel better. This may be the case for you.

You can start by going into your day and just noticing when something crosses your path that ignites you a little more than just your average “ok” emotions. When something peaks your interest note it in your phone or a mini notebook, linger on it and explore it as much as you can. Note what activity occurred that brought it on, what you saw, heard, smelled and what it felt like. Describe the emotion or feeling in your body. See how you can incorporate the activity or object into your newly allotted morning PR time.


Power Clues

It may be  a color you gravitate to. You may be able to find a mug of that color to drink your morning hot drink with. Maybe it’s a smell, you may be able to find a candle with that smell and light it  at the start of your morning quiet time. It may be a song that you can’t help but hum and tap your feet to, put it as your morning alarm song or as your commuting song. Whatever you find that sparks you, notice it and make a note of it. Follow it and look for doable ways to bring more of that into your day, it will open you up to notice more of what will incite those good feelings in you.


Some helpful signs for me that I’ve caught a thread of something good is when I feel either of the things listed below:

  1. A fire like warmth in my belly or chest
  2. My mind sharpening in focus
  3. Creative juice is turned up and a flood of ideas comes on how to make something
  4. The agility in my body is increased
  5. I can’t help but want to dance
  6. Space is made in my mind for newer, fresher thoughts
  7. Pleasure, pure and simple


Try This

A common place to find more good feeling is movement. Exercise is always good, it is a basic human necessity especially in this modern sedentary civilization. You can begin by just making sure you walk more than usual, park your car farther from the grocery store, walk up a flight of stairs instead of using the elevator, do some stretches while watching TV, maybe even some push ups during commercials etc. Or if you already exercise regularly, explore what kinds of movement you could bring into your week for sheer pleasure. Perhaps instead of a jog you could dance to upbeat music like hip-hop, salsa or trance.


Perhaps you want to calm the chaos of thoughts in your mind and want the effects of meditation but you have noticed that you delight in art and want more of that in your life as well. If you only have 10 minutes then maybe  coloring in an adult mandala coloring  book while drinking your morning coffee might be what gives you that higher good feeling to start your day with.

For some they find it’s a combination of journaling and yoga, for others it’s basking quietly with a favorite steaming coffee to soothing music, for others showering to favorite music full blast followed by a yummy breakfast works and still others a quick jog while listening to an audio book. The formula is unique to each individual. You are now a detective for those things in your life that stretch your feeling good capacity.

It takes some tinkering and the willingness to not know for some time, but once you start finding power clues and taking action on them you will notice the positive changes in you right away.

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to know what ideas came to you in reading this post. What power igniting activities are you excited to try out in the next few days before you start your day?

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