What Is a Power Routine?

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It’s Not Rolling Out of Bed

We all have routines and at the bare minimum wake up, brush our teeth, get dressed and make sure to leave with our money and house keys in hand. This is a routine. A power routine hones in on taking deliberate, consistent action, no matter how small towards a direction you want to go in your life, first thing upon waking up.

A power routine by my definition is:

Something empowering that you do before anything else you’re “supposed to do” that positions you internally to be your best.

Everyone has routines to start their day, only few have power routines.

Sweet Spot Formula

There are formulas for everything in existence, tried and true proven things that when followed create certain results. How to build empires, how to sell houses, how to learn fast, how to be a better athlete etc. There are even to formulas to harm, where people have figured out the formulas on how to manipulate people with very specific vulnerability profiles to meet their ends.

Why wouldn’t there also exist a specific formula of  activities that is perfectly attuned to bringing out the best in you? A formula that when done consistently over a period of time,  generates a power within you that will send you over a tipping point threshold of growth and clarity that will change the stratum of your life for the better. Like a silent and constant turbo boost to your quality of life, it will continually transform you into the shiniest version of yourself, bringing out your dormant capacities.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

How you start your mornings makes all the difference in how your life is reflecting your deepest fulfillment. Everyone is given 24 hours every day, if we are using that time to get one step closer to being our most clear, bright, and joyful self or going through the motions of the roles we have been given by others, that is a choice we make.

Successful people or more succinctly said, those who have effectively created their life to their liking and deeper fulfillment, start their day off  in a deliberate and focused way. Upon waking they don’t hit the ground running, responding to every request that crosses their path, one after another. They start their day intentionally with a set of sequenced tasks that leads them into that perfect sweet spot zone. You know what I’m talking about. That happy place where you are in flow, time flies and you’re flooded with the kind of feelings and thoughts that set you up to easily call forth your brilliance.


The Zone is Necessity  Not Luxury

For many years when I’d stumble upon that sweet spot experience, I interpreted it as a luxurious waste of time and the nagging feeling that I should be doing something productive would eat away at it, bringing me back into my lackluster existence. Successful people though, have it as the central most important part of their daily lifestyle and so give themselves what they need to get into that zone first thing in the morning, before anything else crowds their awareness. They know that their frame of mind is where their success begins and ends. They create sweet spot practices that position their frame of mind in just the way they intend and fiercely protect those practices from distractions. Their inner landscape is shaped by the time spent in that sweet spot and it colors everything they think, say and do.

 To Each His Own

Everyone has a different way of getting to that place inside themselves, a different formula. Tony Robbins has what he calls a quick morning cold plunge. Oprah has her 5 rituals that prepare her for her long days. Seth Godin shares about how having a daily practice for your chosen craft will make or break your success in this article.


Whatever you choose, the idea is to be clear on the quality you want to bring more of into your life or the end goal and create a doable routine you can implement every day towards that. This is the difference between having a morning routine and having a power routine.


What’s your morning routine? Is there anything you’d like to change in it?


4 thoughts on “What Is a Power Routine?

  1. I’ve recently developed a bit of a routine in the morning. It only really consists of reading something I can really learn from or which inspires me but the positive thoughts it gives me can lead on to better habits. However, I meditate but I can’t seem to meditate first thing in the morning. I wait till the house is quiet, till I’ve taken the dog for a walk, till I’ve done this, that and the other … I do meditate eventually but I’m at a loss as to why I don’t make it my priority. Any wisdom Lorena?


    1. Hello Pete!
      Your right about your reading habit leading on to other great habits. Just one small change over time snowballs and creates huge change in the long run. Good for you!

      About making meditation a higher priority, sitting still to be with oneself is not easy. It’s easy to do “productive” things in place of more internal practices where you cant see the obvious results.

      I can only speak for myself. Some days my meditations are better then others in the quality of the refreshment. Some days the chatter takes over and I’m struggling the whole time. Other times it’s like I have dived into a still lake and it was so easy to remain in that sweet silence. That is not entirely in my control. I can only control making the effort to show up to do it.

      When I organize my closets, pay some bills, run errands and check off all the other more tangible things I do in my day I ALWAYS feel accomplished once they are done. I think it’s a matter of control.

      The reason I do it first thing is because when I first wake up it takes some time before my thoughts start gaining momentum telling me the list of things I have to do. In that window of time I just sit and do it before they gain enough momentum to derail me. The longer I wait the more I struggle to actually get to it. Perhaps you can aim to do it just 15 minutes earlier then you usually do. When that becomes a habit move it 15 minutes earlier again. Make the small change so small that you don’t really feel the effort. It took me about 2 years to make meditation a “first thing in my day” habit because of this gradual, yet up until now, solidly effective process.

      Hope that makes sense and was helpful. The fact that you are even making time in your day to meditate is awesome.

      Thanks for stopping by!


      1. You’re right Lorena, I should give myself a pat on the back for making time at all! I’ll give the matter some thought and perhaps coach myself to set meditating first thing as a goal. I’ll be making meditation the subject of my next blogpost and how it can help us through challenging life situations. Writing helps us clarify things for own minds as much as anyone else’s I find.

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  2. Hi Pete,
    I’d love to know how it works out for you. Please let me know.

    About writing, yes my morning wouldn’t be complete without writing stream of consciousness pages, also known as “brain dumps”. It creates mental space for sure!


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